Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Easter Celebration

This year my baby celebrates his very first Easter.  It's a very exciting time of the year. I stayed up one night putting up all the decorations and the boys had a surprise when they got up the next morning. I was glad. It was time to put all the stuff I was working on together.

Starting off with a simple door decoration.

Moving on to the wall with the banner.

Here you will see the invite and some game material.

I wanted to keep it simple so I served Chicken Salad.

For those who wanted something with more meat on it, I had hamburgers and fries.

Here's my favourite of all... desserts... cupcakes.

And just a little something to make the cupcake a little cuter.

Here's one table setting that was not used. It's of the little baby.

Overall, it was a beautiful, warm family event. I am glad for those who came to make it a nice and warm Easter for my little baby. I am hoping to top it next year.

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