Sunday, February 24, 2013


Don't we all want more space. in an ideal world, we can have a room for every specific thing. However. if you live here in Singapore, space is rather a costly luxury. Learning to organize, can actually help you use space that you never realized you had and optimize them.

I love to organize and I would say I take lots of pride in doing so. I don't really fancy the commercial way of organizing though. Instead of a label maker, I print and laminate my labels. This way I get to choose my fonts, colour and size.If you watch The Amanda, you know what I am talking about.

I also love to use different kinds of materials around the house, plastic, wood, cork, metal. They all add a little more character into your living space.

Drawers are one of the easiest for me to mess up. I find that when I am in a rush and am trying to take something from the back of the drawer, I end up shuffling other stuff too. I tell myself, I will get to it when I get home... but that never happens. So in time the drawer is known as the messy junk drawer, holding things that were never there to begin with. Have you every found yourself in a similar situation?

I would think that with great  accessibility, comes greater speed right?
At a glance of your eye, you want to be able to know where what is, get it, and move on to the next task at hand.

Quick is the mantra for me at the present moment. I have a three month old that need my constant care and attention. So I have to be able to dash into the kitchen, whip up a sandwich and dash out. Similarly, I have to get dressed and out and about in enormous speed. As I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby, I have to time his feeds and be able to assess a breast feeding room or be at home around the next feed.

One way to accomplish all this is to be organized. It takes a while to get all your things on order but trust me, you will save lots of time later.

by Selina Thomas

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting on my creative side again

It's been a really long break for me, one that is much needed too. My third opened a new chapter in my life and the arrival of my new sweet boy, has been keeping me pretty busy. Family always comes first for me, so it was time to gently place Hartwarmers aside until, all was in order.

Like all mothers of a new born, I treasure every moment I spend with him.  sweet side smile, a whimper before he cries, a sneeze, etc... well you get the picture. It's been great bonding with my newborn, but my creative side is also edging to get out from diaper duty.

I wish to work on a new project this time around, to support spreading awareness of autism. I have a couple of things in mind. Production this time around will take some time but like always it will be the best from me. I will update as soon as I can.

by Selina Thomas