Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Candy

In the spirit of Halloween, one must enjoy the crazy assortment of candy. I came across some little ones, at Mark & Spencer's, but it did not excite me much. Later,  I walked on down to Hershey's and found the colours I was looking for, orange and black.So I just had to get some.

This already packed up bunch of peanut butter goodies from Reese, was only sightly above S$10.00. If you are going for a colour theme of orange and black, or love peanut butter and chocolates, I suggest you check them out.

by Selina Thomas

Boo... Bookmarks

It was the festival of the year, that we all get a chance to dress up and play pretend, with our family and friends. Yes, I am talking about Halloween. I was thinking in line of party favours, and came up with these bookmarks.

I had so much of fun, making these bookmarks, that I stopped at ten pieces. I was surprised to know that my bookmarks took well, that I got an order for twenty-five pieces.

All packed and ready to go out to my client. (front view)

All packed and ready to go out to my client. (back view)
Should you be  interested in getting some for your Halloween Party, do drop me an email.

by Selina Thomas

Halloween of 2010

Unlike, many people who will tell you of how great they are at party planning, I just wish to say that I enjoy party planning, always have. I wish to start from humble beginning and get to a professional level when I get there. In the mean time, should I encounter any great finds, I shall share it with you.

Being a working mum, it's never easy to coordinate everything you want to within the given 24 hours in a day.

However, I did try my best to source out at a couple of places for great finds. In the Singaporean contacts, I believe we want value for our money and we want it fast. (am I right?)

There are a handful of great shops out here in Singapore, for anyone to get their party materials. A couple of years ago, I planned and carried out a modest Halloween party at my place, I sourced out many shops in town, that carried great costumes and party favours. Of course you can also buy them online or if you are creative enough, make them yourself.

Many of you could have heard of SKP, a local store that you can find at many heartland shopping malls. You will be able to find many basic party needs there such as, paper plates,  garbage bags, plastic containers, etc. Should you wish to widen your budget you may want to try at PARTY CITY at Raffles City Shopping Center. They have a great number of colourful party-ware for you to choose from. I also managed to get my son's SCREAM costume from there, and he loved it. I must also mention, the awesome array of Halloween candy that they carry. It was amazingly wonderful. Unfortunately, I was too eager to pack them up that I had forgotten to snap pictures of them. Do however, check them out should you be planning one.

Every party must have balloons, sweets and favours. I went simple on my party favour bags, but there are many out there that look Oh... so wonderful. DAISO was also one of the stops I made for simple knick- knacks like the witches to add a little deco to my gift table. 

When you plan a party for kids, you must understand that they are a restless bunch. Being a Early Childhood Educator, I definitely am aware of that. So Games are a must have. I bought a Pinata resembling a Dragon, for the kids to go at, and boy did they love it. (Even I did too, you should try it some time, it is very therapeutic)

Besides this, we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It was a hoot of laughs for that game. All in all, the kids had great fun and everyone was a winner, simply for taking part in the games. 
Along with all these, I had prepared some finger food of local delights such as curry puffs, popiahs, finger sandwiches and candy, of course. For the beverage, I served chilled Rose Syrup with Sago in it, to give an interesting effect,  for the afternoon batch of kids that came. 

But for the all-nighters, we ordered pizza and had a SCREAM MOVIE MARATHON. The older kids and adults, enjoyed a night long, marathon, with Popcorn from Garrett's and stayed glued to the TV set all night long, as we all cuddled up in the living room, in the dark watching SCREAM. It was an awesome party, as I humbly say. Now I am encouraged to be a little more adventurous the next time around.

The only regret I had, was that my hubby was not in Singapore for our party. I am very sure that he would have dressed up and gone all crazy to enjoy the party. He did however, see the pictures and commented that I looked pretty good as a witch.... hmmm.... was that a compliment?
by Selina Thomas

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Again Folks

As a child I was always excited when my friends talked about their costumes they were getting for
Halloween. My family was never too big on parties, I guess that's why I always ran off to sleep over at my cousin's place. My aunt was a gracious hostess and I loved helping her to organize and get the party ready. As I grew older, and started a family of my own, I started having parties and traditions I wish for my children to carry on. Halloween, was one of my last endeavors. 
This year we are approaching that time of the year again, e all get to dress up and have fun. I am not sure if I should have a party this year, although I am inclined to say yes, been pregnant in my third trimester, isn't making it so alluring.

So in the spirit of all things Halloween, I picked up this really cute pumpkin lantern from Daiso, for just S$2.00. If you are in the mood, go ahead and start planning for your Halloween Party. 

by Selina Thomas

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Things Pink...

There is only one colour that graciously unveils herself in support of all women, in the month of October. Ms. Pink comes out for World Breast Cancer Awareness Day celebrated this month.

So talking about PINK, let's go down memory lane and look at all things PINK. You will find a range of all the products at Hartwarmers that pay tribute to the beautiful colour Pink. Starting off with our Diaper Cakes...

Strawberry Rose Garden

Beary-Pink Cheesecake

Garden Fruit Flan

Baby Pink

This one is from the Box-It Collection.
Sweet Pink
This one is from the White Wicker Collection.
Pink Passion

This one is from the Basket-full Of Luv Collection.
The Girlfriend's Basket

Shades of Pink

Blossom Basket

And that is all the obsession with Pink that I could recall. Do your part this month, be in support in any way or simply spread the word of The Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Be safe ladies ...
by Selina Thomas