Sunday, September 23, 2012


"I Love You", "I am so sorry", "I miss you", "Thinking of you", "Get Well Soon" I can go on with lots more. These are just a few of the things we would like to convey to our loved ones. Gifts can be given for any occasion. One can actually find a gift to express almost any emotion. Do you have something you want to tell someone? Do it with a special gift from us.

A close friend of mine was going in for surgery. Knowing that she was anxious and would be nervous, we wanted to get her something, to tell her that we wish her a safe surgery and a speedy recovery. So a  couple of us put our heads together to figure out what to get her as a gift. She is a very organized person, she loves pretty things and all kinds of organizing boxes.

So I went around with that in mind and found an adorable mini luggage bag. It was made of parchment, but that was what made it so cute. Next, I filled it with sweet smelling lotions, shower foam, soaps, body lotion, a bath towel and a scented candle to ease her senses. It was rather a Feel Good kind of hamper or Calm Your Nerves Before Surgery Hamper. We hope that this little gift would remind her that we are all cheering her on as she recovers and gets back to her regular self again.

Front View

Back View

This box was very Vintage inspired and incorporated a funky chic side to it too. It became a well received gift under the  VOYAGE LOVE COLLECTIONShould you be interested in creating such a gift, share with us your ideas, gift ideas and budget. Let Hartwarmers, make it extra special for your someone you care about.

by Selina Thomas

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