Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Range...

Here at Hartwarmers, there are many packaging choices to choose from. Let me list down the ranges that is carried to help you understand, which best suits your gifting needs.

 A variety of packaging ideas... to choose from.

The range that is carried by Hartwarmers are as follows:
 The DIAPER CAKES SERIES, comes in a whole range of JUST CAKES SERIES, 1 TIER, 2 TIER & 3 TIER DIAPER CAKES SERIES, to suit your needs.

  This is from the Tis Hip 2B Sq SERIES, that I was very excited to do.

The Towel Cakes Series caters to adults, of all ages. A sure winner for your loved ones.

This is an interesting range to choose from for men.

The Basket-full of Luv Collection, is indeed full of things for your loved ones.

 The Box-It Collection, is more for someone, who is practical. Inside the beautifully wrapped box, are wonderful goodies of your choosing for your recipient.

 This was a very unique addition, that Hartwarmers carries, your goodies are packed in a cute little luggage carrier box.

This  is a handful to receive for anyone, it's from the White Wicker Collection.

And lastly, should you be interested in our Private Keepsakes Collection, you may opt for a more classic packaging for the gift.

 by Selina Thomas

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