Saturday, September 29, 2012

Classic Wedding

Weddings are always a beautiful occasion. Most of us give cash gifts to the lovely couple. However, if you are a close friend of the lucky couple, you may however, want to do something special for them.

A friend pf mine, wanted to do just that. She wanted a special gift for her close friends who were getting married. Upon given such an opportunity, how could I refuse. I went on a two day shopping spree, to find the perfect ingredients that would make this the perfect gift. I am very meticulous about such things.

I was going for a classic look, with black and white. Touches of Lavender and some bubbly to relax the senses. This would be great for any couple who wishes to spend some sweet, sensuous, romantic getaway time. My hubby and I always have date night getaways every now and then, and lavender scented spa stuff is always a good idea, to help us relax.

After finding the materials, I was off to my craft room... to create. And here's the end product.

Should you have a similar request, drop us an email and we shall talk about your ideas.

by Selina Thomas

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