Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Bamboo Craze

Yes, it's a Bamboo phenomenon. From baby swaddles, to maternity clothes and now to shampoos? I must say that ever since I entered into my first trimester of pregnancy, I have been in total awe of the bamboo products.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited for tea at TWG's with a friend. After tea, we went on to shop, shop, shop. We headed down to Sephora and played around with colour palates. My skin has been giving me hormonal surprises lately, and so I don't think I should purchase any make up stuff. As I looked around, as she tried on colours, I stumbled upon this range of hair products.

Let you in on a secret, I have been highlighting my hair for a number of years now, and the haircare products I use have had to cater to the need for the colouring. But ever since the pregnancy, I have had to go all natural. This started posing a little problem. You see with natural hair, my existing haircare products are becoming too oily. So in the look out for a new range of haircare, I decided to try this.

When I tried, this, I was sold. Seriously, after just one wash, I could feel the luxury. My hair, looked healthy and luscious. It smelt wonderful and I could run my fingers through my silky locks. It's a winner for sure. So I wish to recommend this to any pregnant woman out there, who is refraining from colouring her hair and going all natural. It comes in a trial pack size and cost around S$30 over. It also makes a great addition to any gift hamper you are planning to get for a loved one.

I hope this was a good recommendation for you. Wish you well.

by Selina Thomas

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