Saturday, September 29, 2012

Testimonials: Classic Wedding

"May I say how pleased I am both with the wonderful hamper and quality contents/ wrapping. My couple friends were thrilled with their beautiful gift and I have never received such a massive, Thank you, from them! 

Glad to know that I can count on your creativity for fabulous service in the future.

Item : Classic Wedding

Client : Rebekkah M. John.

Classic Wedding

Weddings are always a beautiful occasion. Most of us give cash gifts to the lovely couple. However, if you are a close friend of the lucky couple, you may however, want to do something special for them.

A friend pf mine, wanted to do just that. She wanted a special gift for her close friends who were getting married. Upon given such an opportunity, how could I refuse. I went on a two day shopping spree, to find the perfect ingredients that would make this the perfect gift. I am very meticulous about such things.

I was going for a classic look, with black and white. Touches of Lavender and some bubbly to relax the senses. This would be great for any couple who wishes to spend some sweet, sensuous, romantic getaway time. My hubby and I always have date night getaways every now and then, and lavender scented spa stuff is always a good idea, to help us relax.

After finding the materials, I was off to my craft room... to create. And here's the end product.

Should you have a similar request, drop us an email and we shall talk about your ideas.

by Selina Thomas

A Bamboo Craze

Yes, it's a Bamboo phenomenon. From baby swaddles, to maternity clothes and now to shampoos? I must say that ever since I entered into my first trimester of pregnancy, I have been in total awe of the bamboo products.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited for tea at TWG's with a friend. After tea, we went on to shop, shop, shop. We headed down to Sephora and played around with colour palates. My skin has been giving me hormonal surprises lately, and so I don't think I should purchase any make up stuff. As I looked around, as she tried on colours, I stumbled upon this range of hair products.

Let you in on a secret, I have been highlighting my hair for a number of years now, and the haircare products I use have had to cater to the need for the colouring. But ever since the pregnancy, I have had to go all natural. This started posing a little problem. You see with natural hair, my existing haircare products are becoming too oily. So in the look out for a new range of haircare, I decided to try this.

When I tried, this, I was sold. Seriously, after just one wash, I could feel the luxury. My hair, looked healthy and luscious. It smelt wonderful and I could run my fingers through my silky locks. It's a winner for sure. So I wish to recommend this to any pregnant woman out there, who is refraining from colouring her hair and going all natural. It comes in a trial pack size and cost around S$30 over. It also makes a great addition to any gift hamper you are planning to get for a loved one.

I hope this was a good recommendation for you. Wish you well.

by Selina Thomas

A Place For Recommendations

It's always nice to spice things up with new additions and changes. Likewise, I have decided to add a new section as I update the Hartwarmers blog. Whenever, I make a good find, I always recommend it to my family and friends. SO now, I decided to add this to my blog too. I am calling it Recommendations.

Becoming a new mum all over again, gives me a chance to test out lots of mummy and baby products that work. As I journey to experiment and play with these products or services, I shall add it into my Recommendations. Some of these items may help give you a better idea of what goes well into your gift purchases. Hope you find it helpful.

by Selina Thomas

Friday, September 28, 2012

Testimonials: Precious

Client : Shylla Gomez
Item : White Wicker Collection (Precious)

I was so impressed by your wrapping when I received the gift. More then teh gift itself, was the beautiful wrapping. Still remember our conversation about the wrapping requirements.

Thanks dear and God Bless



Our Range...

Here at Hartwarmers, there are many packaging choices to choose from. Let me list down the ranges that is carried to help you understand, which best suits your gifting needs.

 A variety of packaging ideas... to choose from.

The range that is carried by Hartwarmers are as follows:
 The DIAPER CAKES SERIES, comes in a whole range of JUST CAKES SERIES, 1 TIER, 2 TIER & 3 TIER DIAPER CAKES SERIES, to suit your needs.

  This is from the Tis Hip 2B Sq SERIES, that I was very excited to do.

The Towel Cakes Series caters to adults, of all ages. A sure winner for your loved ones.

This is an interesting range to choose from for men.

The Basket-full of Luv Collection, is indeed full of things for your loved ones.

 The Box-It Collection, is more for someone, who is practical. Inside the beautifully wrapped box, are wonderful goodies of your choosing for your recipient.

 This was a very unique addition, that Hartwarmers carries, your goodies are packed in a cute little luggage carrier box.

This  is a handful to receive for anyone, it's from the White Wicker Collection.

And lastly, should you be interested in our Private Keepsakes Collection, you may opt for a more classic packaging for the gift.

 by Selina Thomas

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Testimonials: Vanilla Mint Cake

"The diaper cake was very, very well done "thumbs up".
I am very satisfied with your creation. Thank you for your incredible service.
Your commitment and professional pride in your work is exceptional and truly appreciated.
Looking forward to work with you again..."


Client : Norhana Hamid
Item : Diaper Cake (Vanilla Mint Cake)

Vanilla Mint Cake

This is a special piece that I assembled for a friend. It was for her new born baby nephew, and she wanted it to be special. There are many ways to make your gift special, but at Hartwarmers, we know for sure that your gift will warm someone's heart.

Front View

Back View

by Selina Thomas

Testimonials: Strawberry Rose Garden

"I received a three-tiered diaper cake by 'Hartwarmers' as a gift to celebrate the birth of my baby girl.  It was absolutely gorgeous and was the most wonderfully unique and special gift I received.  It was a surprise as it actually looked like a cake but on unwrapping it, it contained a huge amount of really helpful things that I was able to use immediately for my daughter; diapers, baby cream, socks and so much more.  It had been made with a huge amount of thought and care.  Also, the quality of the product and the contents inside were of a very high standard.  Having receiving such a great gift that I loved so much I will not hesitate in sending to my friends when they next have a baby or for any other important occasion."

Client: Liz Barratt
Item: Strawberry Rose Garden

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strawberry Rose Garden

This pretty piece was made for a beautiful little baby girl. 
It sold for S$130.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas

Vanilla Lace Chiffon

This gift is from the Towel Cakes Range, but with a twist. Unlike the traditional look of the Towel Cakes, made here, I added a little bit more creativity to this piece.

 Front View

  Back View

 Side View

This is another batch of cakes from the  TOWEL CAKE SERIES.
The piece is called Vanilla Lace Chiffon- S$70.00

What does it consists of?
3 pcs embroidery designed hand towels
1 pc Victoria Secrets Body Lotion
1 pc Victoria Secrets Body Butter
4 pcs cream roses

Here at Hartwarmers, all diaper cakes are carefully placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of products. They are further adorned and decorated with coloured pins and designed ribbons. Once completed, the gifts are ready to be delivered after they are wrapped in an elegant tulle. How then could your gifts, not be a heart warmer?

by Selina Thomas

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Stars Champ

I received an order for a Diaper Cake. As I had just started my Tis Hip 2B Sq Series, I was very excited to make this piece. Although, there are many people here making Diaper Cakes, I have come to know for sure that no one else in Singapore at this time was make Diaper Cakes that were square. So I am very proud of it. But in time many with follow and it would not be unique any longer. So I got to work and created this piece for a little baby boy.

Front View

Back View

All set and proud of my work. I get it wrapped and we are off to deliver to the very adorable little boy.

by Selina Thomas

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Feet Culture

Feet comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, but regardless, they all need our tender loving care. With that in mind, I prepared this gift from the BOX-IT COLLECTION, knowing how much we ladies, are in need of TLC for our feet. Previously, when I was a full-time teacher, I barely had any time to hit the spa or the manicurist. So, for busy busy ladies, this is an ideal gift. You can soak your tired feet in the luxury of your own home, as you watch the your favourite movie.

Here is what's in it.

 All boxed up...

My son liked it so much, that he insisted, that I make one for his teacher.

This piece is from the BOX-IT COLLECTION.
The piece is called Feet Culture - S$75.00
What does it consists of?
1 pc silver box
1 pc Peppermint Reviving Foot Scrub
1 pc Peppermint Reviving Foot Lotion
1 pc nail clipper
1 pc nail buffer
1 pc foot filer
1 pair blue foam toe separator
1 bunch foam pink roses

All the gifts assembled placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of products. The used of mess, tulle and other appropriate materials add to the complete look of the gift.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas


"I Love You", "I am so sorry", "I miss you", "Thinking of you", "Get Well Soon" I can go on with lots more. These are just a few of the things we would like to convey to our loved ones. Gifts can be given for any occasion. One can actually find a gift to express almost any emotion. Do you have something you want to tell someone? Do it with a special gift from us.

A close friend of mine was going in for surgery. Knowing that she was anxious and would be nervous, we wanted to get her something, to tell her that we wish her a safe surgery and a speedy recovery. So a  couple of us put our heads together to figure out what to get her as a gift. She is a very organized person, she loves pretty things and all kinds of organizing boxes.

So I went around with that in mind and found an adorable mini luggage bag. It was made of parchment, but that was what made it so cute. Next, I filled it with sweet smelling lotions, shower foam, soaps, body lotion, a bath towel and a scented candle to ease her senses. It was rather a Feel Good kind of hamper or Calm Your Nerves Before Surgery Hamper. We hope that this little gift would remind her that we are all cheering her on as she recovers and gets back to her regular self again.

Front View

Back View

This box was very Vintage inspired and incorporated a funky chic side to it too. It became a well received gift under the  VOYAGE LOVE COLLECTIONShould you be interested in creating such a gift, share with us your ideas, gift ideas and budget. Let Hartwarmers, make it extra special for your someone you care about.

by Selina Thomas