Saturday, July 30, 2011

Introducing Voyage Love Collection... The Sweetheart

Gifts can be given for any occasion. We can actually find a gift to express almost any emotion. A close friend of mine was going into surgery. A couple of us wanted to cheer her up with a gift. She is a very organized person, who loves pretty containers. So using a cute little parchment briefcase, I started with the base of my new project. And as she loves sweet smelling lotions, I incorporated that too.

Front View

 Back View

This is the first piece I made for the VOYAGE LOVE COLLECTION.
The piece is called Sweethearts.

Basically, her gift is a feel good hamper. She has shower foam, soaps, body lotion, a bath towel and a scented candle to please her senses. We hope that this little gift will remind her that we are all cheering her on as she recovers and gets back to her old self again.

What does it consists of? 
1 pc Aussino Cream bath towel
1 pc shower foam
1 pc scented soaps
1 pc scented body moisturizer
1 pc scented candle

Basically, this gift was a feel good hamper. We hoped that with this little gift, we would be able to cheer her on as she recovers from her surgery, and get back to being herself fun self again.

All Hartwarmers gifts are placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of products. The used of mess, tulle and other appropriate materials add to the complete look of the gift.

Should you be interested in getting your hands onto one of these elegant, classy pieces, do contact me or drop me an email.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas

Our Private Keepsakes

Lately, I have taken a keen interest in a long lost hobby of mine, Tapestry, or better known as cross-stitching. These are a few pieces that I have completed.

I simply enjoy my moments, I spend with Art and Crafts of any kind. 
Here, is me starting off a stitching project.

Animal Moments
I love this piece, it goes so well in any nursery.

Onward Christian Solider

This one was inspired by my principal, a very smart and loving woman. She fought through many things in life and come out triumphant always. She is truly one I admire and respect. This was a gift I made just for her.

This would be how the packaging for such a gift would be delivered.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas