Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minting Lavenders

A dear friend of mine from Germany, needed to wish her mum a "Happy Birthday".  It was her mum's 77th birthday. What better way to make your mum feel the love, then by sending her a personalized gift with all the things she loves. Her mum loves lavender scented lotions. So she suggested, that I prepared her one with such scents. Also, she wanted her mum to have a box of chocolates to enjoy as she relaxed. She chose from our base ideas, to have it BOX-IT. And so the creating begun... and wahlah....

These are all the things that go into the gift.

ahh... yet potpourri too.

 and the completed gift.

Inclusive of a uniquely handmade gift card.

This beautiful piece from the Box-It Collection, was sold for S$120.00, inclusive of delivery. And we accomplished our vision to warm hearts again.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas

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