Sunday, May 22, 2011

Testimonials: Beary-Pink Cheesecake

"I got to know Hartwarmers, through a good friend of mine, and was very delighted to purchase something unique, for a close cousin of mine, bearing her first kid! The speed and services were impressive, and the diaper cake I ordered was gorgeous. It gathered lots of attention from family and friends.I would not hesitate to order again with their creative ideas and unique gifts, that can't be found in the cliches of shopping centers, the diaper cake was loved and did excite me, beacuse my gift stood out from the rest :)"

Item: Diaper Cake Series (Berry-Pink Cheesecake)
Client : Amy C

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beary-Pink Cheesecake

This piece was specially done for a wonderful dear friend of my sister's.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minting Lavenders

A dear friend of mine from Germany, needed to wish her mum a "Happy Birthday".  It was her mum's 77th birthday. What better way to make your mum feel the love, then by sending her a personalized gift with all the things she loves. Her mum loves lavender scented lotions. So she suggested, that I prepared her one with such scents. Also, she wanted her mum to have a box of chocolates to enjoy as she relaxed. She chose from our base ideas, to have it BOX-IT. And so the creating begun... and wahlah....

These are all the things that go into the gift.

ahh... yet potpourri too.

 and the completed gift.

Inclusive of a uniquely handmade gift card.

This beautiful piece from the Box-It Collection, was sold for S$120.00, inclusive of delivery. And we accomplished our vision to warm hearts again.

Hartwarmers by Selina Thomas