Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhubarb Passion

This is an elegant sexy piece, that I am very proud of. After the Mother's Day Towel Cakes sold well, I introduced this special piece for all the sexy ladies out there.

Rhubarb Passion

Rhubarb Passion 

This is a piece from the TOWEL CAKE SERIES.
The piece is called Rhubarb Passion - S$85.00
What does it consists of? 
1 pc Aussino bath towel
1 set miniature bottles set of Victoria Secrets lotions
7 pcs of luscious red roses

Here at Hartwarmers, all diaper cakes are carefully placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of the products. They are further adorned and decorated with  coloured pins and designed ribbons. Upon completion, the gifts are ready to be delivered only after they are wrapped in an elegant tulle. How then could your gifts, not be a heart warmer?

This was surprisingly, a best seller that took me by surprise. Of course this is an ideal gift, if your mum enjoys cooking, right? Due to overwhelming responds, this towel cakes are out of stock. Should you be interested to get your hands on one, kindly contact Hartwarmers.
by Selina Thomas

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