Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute Cupcake Keepers

As much as I love macaroons, I also have a secret love affair with cupcakes. If you love cupcakes, you will know what I mean. Mother's Day is coming soon, have you gotten you dear mum a gift yet. 

Cupcakes are a delight anytime. Imagine unveiling a box of these lovelies. Won't they instantly warm your heart and put a smile on your face. IT cheers me up every time. Not only should your cupcakes need a good place to be stored, their ingredients need them too. If you know someone who loves to bake. This next two keepers are great for any chef and kitchen. Send us an email to get your hands on these pieces. Fill them up with yummy cupcakes and surprise your mum this Mother's Day. If you order the adorable tins they only cost you, S$39.90, with the flowers and tulle wrap. However, should you need me to fill the packaging with cupcakes, kindly give me ample notice, and  please note  the price will vary accordingly.

It's Pink

It's Blue
by Selina Thomas

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