Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing... Tis Hip 2B Sq Series, Lemon Lime Sponge

The JUST CAKES SERIES, don't only come in round cakes, but square ones too. 
Personally, I find that there is something uniquely adorable about this square range.

 Lemon Lime Sponge

This piece here is the very first piece I made from a new range I started called Tis Hip 2B Sq SERIES.
The piece is called Lemon Lime Sponge - S$60.00

What does it consists of?
25 pcs Mamypoko diapers
1 pc baby bath towel
4 pcs large yellow lilies
Here at Hartwarmers, all diaper cakes are carefully placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of products. They are further adorned and decorated with pins and designed ribbons. Finally, the gifts are ready to be delivered after they are wrapped in an elegant tulle. How then could your gifts, not be a heart warmer?

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