Friday, February 25, 2011

The Raspberry Lemon Meringue

Techonology has come a long way and the scans that we get to have these days are really awesome. You really get to see your baby so well. So much can be said about your fetus, even before you carry him or her in your arms. With such advancement, many get to know the gender of their baby, before they arrive. Some of us choose to know and tell our loved ones, while some choose to be surprised at the delivery. It can be a little difficult trying to get a gift for a newborn, not knowing the gender.

Should you find yourself in such a pickle, simply go neutral. You can never go wrong this way. I did just that, when this order came in. My client was not sure, and didn't want to pry, so we went neutral.

Many a times, upon completion I email the pictures to my clients and we are good to go. In this situation, I was asked to make just a few add-ons, due to an increase in the budget. Initially, it was ordered by a friend of the couple, but later a few more wanted to share in with the gift.

 Here you see the Lemon Meringue, as it started out.

 Lemon Meringue

Now you see the upgrade as I add in more goodies.

  a little something for daddy...

  a little something for mummy...

 and an upgrade is complete.

This is a piece from the SINGLE TIER DIAPER CAKE SERIES.
The piece is called Raspberry Lemon Meringue - S$145.00

What does it consists of? 
18 pcs Mamypoko diapers
1 pc hand towel
1 pc long sleeve baby T-shirt
1 pair baby leggings
1 pc baby hat
1 pair baby booties
1 pair Mothercare baby socks
3 pcs Mothercare rompers
1 pc Bright Star baby teether toy
1 pc soft toy
3 pcs mini rubber duckies, shower toy

Here at Hartwarmers, all diaper cakes are carefully placed together, with as much tender loving care as possible, to ensure hygiene and durability, of the products. They are further adorned and decorated with  coloured pins and designed ribbons. Upon completion, the gifts are ready to be delivered only after they are wrapped in an elegant tulle. How then could your gifts, not be a heart warmer?

This piece started out to be a simple single tier diaper cake, that cost approximately around $65. However, a couple of friends wanted to chip in and share the gift. So they asked me to add in a couple of things from the Mothercare brand, which increased the price to S$145, to suit their budget.

by Selina Thomas

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