Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About Me

  A very warm welcome to you,
First of all allow me to thank you, for taking your precious time to check out my blog. I must humbly say that I have been blessed with artistry and creativity , since my younger days.

During my many years, as a teacher, I explored, exploited and enjoyed being as creative as I could. Everything in my surrounding would have some sort of a personal touch on them. I needed to have a warm and cozy environment to function. Soon, I found that my colleagues enjoyed them too. It became the classroom to hang out for lunch and meetings.
Oh yes, another reason would be the organization of the place. I get super excited about organizing things. It just makes my day to know that everything is neat and tidy in there allocated spaces.

So here's a little more about me...

The History
A perfectionist by nature, I have a knack for little details (in other words, I am obsessed with details and proportions). I simply am... My hubby used to say that it drives him crazy but now that I have put most of it into my little project called Hartwarmers, he sighs with relief. Hartwarmers, started off as a hobby, and slowly it became a business, which I began on April 15th, 2009. Since then I had been experimenting with what my clientele desires and to provide them with amazing gift creations, ideas, and many more.

The Wife & The Mum
I have been married to my college sweetheart since 1997, and together we made through the wedding day and are taking our time, hand in hand in the journey of love and marriage. We have three adorable boys.

The Teacher
I started teaching since 1995, and was an early childhood educator by profession. The dilemma presented itself to me in 2003, when my second son was diagnosed with autism. Having to pick a role, I chose to be a hands on mummy. I quit the job, I loved very much, only to do the very same thing with my boy. I was present for all his therapy sessions that would take hours. During this stage of my life, I needed a healthy distraction. It was then that I started to make gifts to get my mind of the stresses of life.

The Shopaholic
In my time of stress, I resorted to the therapy most Singaporeans turn to - Retail Therapy. All those times I spent shopping and window shopping, I acquired great knowledge to great discounts and sharpened my resourcefulness. Like many tasteful women out there, I do go a little crazy with goof bargains, and later wonder why and what I was going to do with all that stuff. That lead to a gift drawer, that contained beautiful stuff, for times, when I was too busy to shop.

I do hope that should you have some needs in the area of gifting, I could be of service.
Do feel free to contact me via any of these social media options above.

Have a great day!

by Selina Thomas

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